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The online purchase of any Products or Items on the website (hereafter, the “Site”) is subject to the prior knowledge and acceptance of these terms and conditions (hereafter T&Cs).

Article 1. Company Identity

YVES SALOMON  - S.A.S. with a share capital of 1,080,000 Euros and whose headquarters are at 3, cité Paradis – 75010 PARIS, RCS Paris 552 032 328 (hereafter “YSS”).

Article 2. Purpose

These T&Cs cover the terms according to which YSS handles the distance selling of its Items on its Site. They define the rights and obligations of the parties and apply to all sales made to buyers (hereafter “Customers”), without restriction or reservation, and take precedence over all other purchasing terms and conditions and other Customer terms and conditions which may exist. It should be noted that, as regards orders of items online, the Customer’s agreement as regards these T&Cs does not require a handwritten signature. These T&Cs may be amended at any time, such amendments being binding for the parties and applying to all transactions from the moment they go live on the Site. Any internet user can access the T&Cs from any Site page. The internet user thereby recognises that they are aware of the T&Cs. The T&Cs apply without restriction or reservation to all Items available for sale on the Site. Any Order on the Site is subject to the prior consultation and acceptance without reservation by the Customer of these T&Cs and the applicable tariffs. Completion of an Order according to the order procedure laid out on the Site shall be understood as unreserved acceptance of these T&Cs. The acceptance of these T&Cs presumes that internet users have the necessary legal capacity to use the internet, or failing this that they have the authorisation of a guardian or custodian if not legally capable, or from their legal representative if they are a minor. The internet user recognises the evidential value of the website publisher’s automatic registration systems and, unless able to provide evidence to the contrary, they waive the right to contest these in case of a dispute.

This system, which requires an active approach by the Customer, is fully compliant with the requirements which exist in the area of distance selling and, in particular, in articles L. 111-1, L.112-1 and L. 221-1 and onwards of the Consumer Code.

Article 3. Prior information to the Customer

The sale of Items on the Site is exclusively reserved for retail sale and to private customers. The Site may, under no circumstances, be used by professional sellers, either working individually or in groups, and whatever the form of sale used for their Items (internet, shopping mall, intermediary, physical stores in particular). The Customer recognises and accepts as a result that Items can only be purchased in quantities which correspond to the average needs of an individual consumer, and this applies to the number of Items in a single order as well as to the number of individual Orders in comparison to the normal quantity of an average consumer ordered for the same product. YSS reserves the right to refuse an order clearly made by a professional seller or a non-consumer.

All Customers declare themselves informed of the lack of reliability of certain networks, especially as regards secure transfer of data, a lack of guarantee in continuity of Site access, in performance in terms of volume and speed of data transfer and in virus spread. YSS hereby advises each Customer of the need to equip their computer or their hand-held or mobile device with security software and capabilities which will prevent the spread of viruses.

Remedy for a faulty or incorrect Item (replacement or refund) or the exercise of a right of withdrawal, cannot be made directly in physical YSS store or in stores retailing YSS products. Customers are hereby informed that they must direct any complaints regarding Items purchased online on the Site to the Site. Similarly, an Item purchased in any YSS store cannot be dealt with by our Site services.

Article 4. Creation of a Customer Account

To order any Items on our Site, a Customer must first create a customer account.

The creation of a customer account should be carried out by the Customer, by completing the form with their personal information. Their account is strictly personal to them, and allows them to log in prior to making each Order.

When creating a Customer account, the Customer shall enter all information permitting their identification, taking sole responsibility and acting of their own free will, and shall provide complete, accurate and up-to-date information, without assuming the identity of a third party or concealing or changing their age.

When creating a Customer account, the Customer must choose their username (email) and password. If the username chosen already exists, the system will invite them to choose another. Usernames and passwords are personal and confidential. The Customer is solely responsible for these. The Customer shall keep their password secret and not share it for any reason and in any way. Should they suspect that their username or password is being used by a third party, the Customer should immediately notify YSS in order to change their password and/or choose to close their customer account.

YSS reserves the right to close any customer account and to consequently refuse any sales to a Customer in the following cases:

  • Failure to pay for one or several previous Orders,
  • Improper, unfair or fraudulent use of the Ordering service offered by the Site,
  • Failure to respect any of the Client obligations outlined in the T&Cs,
  • Use of the Site and/or ordering for commercial purposes.

In this case, YSS will send an email to the Customer concerned using the address provided by them during the creation of their customer account informing them that their username and password have been disabled and their account closed.

Article 5. Ordering and description of purchasing process

Prior to their order, the Customer shall ensure that they have informed themselves of the technical specifications of Items on the Site.

Items are sold subject to their availability and to sufficient stocks. Should Items be unavailable for more than 1 year following the order, the Customer may cancel their order without paying any fees and will be refunded. The Customer may accept to consider an equivalent substitute product, which they may accept subject to the price paid, or refuse.

The Customer is solely responsible for their choice of the Items they wish to order.

The Customer can choose the Article(s) to order by adding them to their Shopping Basket.

The Customer may at any time view a summary of the Items they have selected by clicking on “View my Shopping Basket”. The Customer will have the possibility to remove one or several objects from their basket.


Having viewed their basket, the Customer can choose from the options “continue shopping” or “confirm order” by clicking on “proceed with order”.

To complete their order, the Customer can choose between “already a customer”, in which case they must enter their Username/password to continue with their order, or if they have no account they must complete a form for billing purposes and to complete the order, to subsequently create an account. The Customer must confirm their delivery dress, by confirming the information entered into the form, or by entering another address.

The Site will provide an “order summary”, and a choice of payment methods.

Once they have made their choice, the Customer can click the “complete order” button.

A message will then confirm the order, once payment has been approved, with an order summary including their Customer information, date and payment type.

An email will also be sent to the Customer confirming their order, which they should retain for their records. If the payment is made by bank transfer, the email will only show the RIB (French bank account identification information). The Customer may also access their order summary from their customer account. The invoice relating to the order can be accessed by the Customer on their account.

The Customer shall be held responsible for any errors or consequences resulting from errors relating to products or deliveries and reshipping costs, which shall therefore be borne by them.

As regards the checks in place to combat fraud, YSS reserves the right to request proof of identity from the Customer to confirm the identity of the individual shown on the payment method used and, where necessary, to require they make payment of their order by bank transfer, something the Customer shall accept in advance. This verification procedure may lead YSS to request that the Customer provides proof of address (utility bill, internet bill, landline bill etc.) from the past 3 months. Failure to provide this information and the documents required as part of these checks will result in YSS’s express entitlement to cancel the order. YSS may also request written confirmation of the order in accordance with a procedure explained by email.

Any order implies the acceptance of the price and description of Items available for sale.

In all cases, the online communication of credit/debit card numbers and the confirmation of an order and its payment constitute proof that the order is complete in line with the provisions of law N° 2000-230 of the 13th March 2000 adapting the law of evidence to information technologies and relating to electronic signatures, with all sums incurred by the order becoming due and payable.

This confirmation constitutes the signature and express acceptance of operations carried out on the Site.

In case of prolonged inactivity on the Site whilst the Customer is logged in, the contents of the Customer’s basket prior to this may not be saved. The Customer will be asked to start again with their order.

All the necessary sales stages can be found on the Website in line with the provisions of Article 1369-1 of the Civil code.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 1369-4 of the Civil code, the Customer will have the possibility, before finally confirming their order, to check their order breakdown and the total price and correct any errors, before they complete it and accept. Once the Customer has completed their order, YSS will confirm they have received the order immediately via email.

The sale shall not however be considered definitive until the Customer has received confirmation of their YSS order, detailing the shipping of their items. Only shipped items shall be debited.

Article 6. Price of Items

The selling price of Items will appear in Euros, in GBP or in USD, depending on the Customer’s preference, inclusive of VAT, excluding delivery charges, which are to be paid by the Customer and can be found on the website correct at the time of ordering, and are subject to change in the future. Delivery charges will, in all cases, be displayed for the Customer before each payment. This does not however rule out the eventuality of any manifest errors regarding prices appearing on the website In such a case, YSS will send the Customer an email to inform them of the error committed, and communicate the correct price for the product to them. If the correct price is greater than the incorrect price shown on the website, the Customer may choose to cancel their order. If they do not wish to cancel, the order will be subject to an email correcting the error and informing the Customer of the correct price and requesting their express agreement to pay that price. Conversely, if the correct price is lower than the incorrect price shown on the website, the order will remain valid but will be amended to show the correct price. VAT-inclusive prices of Items only include standard delivery charges and courier charges within Paris and in the Hauts-de-Seine area. VAT-inclusive prices of items do not include express delivery charges, which will be invoiced separately in accordance with the charges quoted on the Site. Delivery charges are outlined in the order process prior to the Customer’s completion of the order for their information and full agreement. Prices will indicate the value added tax (VAT) applicable on the day of order, bearing in mind that any change to VAT rates shall automatically affect the price of Items. The selling price of Items may be modified at any time and shall apply to all orders made following online price updates. Items are delivered DDP, that is YSS shall pay all transport costs and assume all risk until the goods are delivered.

Foreign currency - Euro conversion fees shall be borne by YSS.

Article 7. Payment

Payment of the price of the product ordered is payable in its totality on the day of ordering and, where applicable, the day on which the product is reserved. Any incomplete payment or payment incident may lead to the cancellation of the order or reservation, with costs borne by the Customer. Payment of the price shall be made in Euros, in GBP or in USD, depending on the Customer’s preference. The Customer can make payment of their order using any of the payment methods specified on the website credit/debit card (cashcard, Mastercard, Visa, American Express), bank transfer or PayPal. In case of payment by bank transfer, YSS shall inform the Customer by email of YSS’s bank details to which the transfer should be made. Any bank transfers made by the Customer’s bank are the responsibility of the Customer. Bank transfers from a foreign account to YSS’s account can be accepted provided the Customer bears the cost of any bank charges on either side. Failure to receive the Customer’s payment within seven (7) days will result in the cancellation of the order and resale of Items on the Site. In case of fraudulent use of their credit/debit card, the Customer is invited, as soon as they become aware, to contact YSS customer services by email at the email address:


Article 8. Delivery and receipt

Items can only be delivered in Europe, the USA, Dubai and Hong Kong, to the address provided by the Customer at the time of ordering. The Customer must provide a telephone number where they can be contacted by the delivery company, and take every necessary step to ensure they can take receipt of the delivery. The Customer is also able to request that items be delivered to a natural person of their choice whose permanent place of residence is in mainland France, for example in the case of a gift.

The Customer may choose from a number of available delivery options, some of which will incur additional costs.

Delivery charges are paid by YSS, except in cases where the Customer opts for one of the specific delivery methods offered during ordering, where the delivery charges must be borne by them; the total of these charges will be communicated to the Customer prior to their completion of the order.

The courier delivery option is only available in Paris and Hauts-de-Seine.

Items will be delivered to the delivery address indicated by the Customer at the time of ordering, at the latest by the date indicated at the time of ordering and depending on the country of delivery.

YSS will make every effort to deliver the Order within 7 working days following the date of the Order, and commits to ensure that delivery is made within 30 working days following full payment of the corresponding total cost of the order.

Delivery times are provided indicatively and may be subject to change, especially in cases of force majeure, temporary unavailability, etc. ... The Customer shall not hold YSS responsible for any failure to adhere to these delivery times. If the delivery time exceeds 30 days after ordering, the purchase may be cancelled and the Customer fully refunded.

Items ordered are presumed shipped and received in good order. The Customer must make any complaints to the delivery company in case of loss or damage of their order at the time of delivery or within a maximum of 24 hours following the latter. Complaints must be explicit to allow YSS to assert their rights against the delivery company. Failing this, the complaint is null and void. Any complaints must also be addressed within the same timeframe to customer services at by email or by recorded letter with proof of delivery. Any complaint must contain the Customer’s contact details, references of the project purchased and the reasons and motivations for the complaint accompanied by photos. A complaint number may be issued by YSS to process the claim. Should a product be returned without a complaint number and without a copy of the invoice (which must be provided) YSS cannot guarantee that the complaint will be processed as quickly as otherwise possible. The product must be returned in its original condition and packaging, unworn, with all original tags unremoved from the item of clothing, as well as with all accessories, which should be intact, without signs of use and in perfect condition. These conditions will determine the claim’s validity and ensure the Product’s integrity and proof of the validity of the cause of the complaint. Failure to respect the aforementioned procedure and conditions will render the Customer’s claim null and void. The transport of returned Items is carried out at the risk and cost of the Customer.

Complaints regarding any delivery error relating to the order, or in case of delivery of a product which is faulty or in poor condition, must be made within a maximum of 48 hours following delivery. Beyond this timeframe, the Customer can no longer claim a delivery error or seek remedy for a delivered Product which is faulty or in poor condition.

Article 9. Returns and refunds

Should a delivery not correspond to the Customer’s Order, or if it has been damaged in transit, the Customer may return said Item to YSS in accordance with the procedure below and accessible on the Site.

All Items purchased on the Site may be subject to refund except for those for which the opposite is stipulated (for example, personalised items).

It is recalled that Items purchased on the Site cannot be refunded in-store.


Exchanges for purchased items are only possible for a different size or color of the same model, according to available stock.

The Customer’s exchange request must be made within 14 days following the date of receipt of the Items ordered, as evidenced by the postmark. Where the 14 day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday, bank holiday or non-working day, this is extended to the next working day.

To initiate the return/exchange process, customers are required to access the return / exchanges section and either sign into their account or enter their email address and order number. Then, customers are required to select the desired options by completing the online return/exchange application form.

Once the returned item has been received, YSS will proceed with the shipment of the exchange item.


The Customer’s refund request must be made within 14 days following the date of receipt of the Items ordered, as evidenced by the postmark. Where the 14 day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday, bank holiday or non-working day, this is extended to the next working day.

The Customer shall return the Product to YSS in its original condition (packaging, tags retained, copy of invoice, Product unworn and without alterations).

YSS shall fully refund the Customer for Items returned provided they have not been worn, used or damaged and that they are accompanied by their invoice and that the clothes have their original tags.

YSS reserves the right to refuse the return of any Items which are not compliant with the aforementioned conditions.

Once returned Items have been inspected, YSS will refund the Customer as soon as possible and no later than thirty (30) calendar days following the date of reception of the return package, to the bank account or the payment account used by the Customer to pay for the Items.

To return articles already received the client may, as they wish:

    • Either: avail themselves of an item collection service, in a place of their choice. In this case the Customer should contact Customer Services on + 33 (0)1 76 31 11 66, within fourteen (14) days, in order to agree a collection time and date for the Item(s) by YSS. Refund of any sums paid for returned Item(s) shall be made within fourteen (14) days following the date on which the Customer has notified YSS or their intention to return the item.
    • Or: send the items by post using one of our delivery companies. In this case, the Customer shall, within 14 days following date of receipt of the Items ordered, send the relevant item using the returns label provided to be attached to the parcel with the following address: SOURCE VIVE – Service client YS - 8-10, rue Gustave Eiffel - Cellule n° 13 - 92110 CLICHY - FRANCE. Direct returns costs for the item are borne by YSS. The Customer must retain proof of the return. The refund will be made within fourteen (14) days following receipt by YSS of the items returned in perfect condition.

Please note: YSS accepts no responsibility in case of products returned using a method other than via their delivery service and cannot make any refund if the product returned is not in identical condition to the one delivered.

Article 10. Retention of title clause

YSS retains ownership of Items sold until full and effective payment of the principal amount due and incidentals. Until full payment, the Customer shall not confer any pledge or guarantee on retained-title products or use them as a guarantee, and they must treat the Item from YSS on an individual basis.

These conditions are without prejudice to the transfer to the Customer, upon delivery of the Product under these T&Cs, of all risks of loss and damage to the goods subject to the retention of title, as well as their liability for any damages caused. The Customer shall therefore take out insurance to cover the risks relating to the Product from the receipt of the latter.

Article 11. Right of withdrawal


The Customer has a period of 14 days to return the Product(s) after receipt of his delivery withouthaving to justify his decision.

To exercise this right, the Customer must fill in the withdrawal form that can be requested from our Customer Service : or
notify his decision to withdraw in writing by means of a statement free of ambiguity. The notification of withdrawal should be addressed to the company Yves Salomon SAS whose coordinates are mentioned in the first article of the Terms and Conditions of Sale and should include the following information:

To the attention of Yves Salomon SAS - (address) – mail:

I hereby notify you of my decision to withdraw from the sale of the product below:
Ordered on (DD/MM/YY) and received on (DD/MM/YY) *
Last name* and first name*:
Email address of the sender :
Sender's phone number :
Billing address* :
Delivery address* :
Reason for withdrawal:
Signature* :
Date* :

* mandatory information

The Customer shall return the Product(s) to Yves Salomon SAS without delay and at the latest within 14 days following the communication of his decision to withdraw, unless Yves Salomon SAS offers to collect the goods himself.

The product(s) subject to this retraction must be returned to the following address :

SOURCE VIVE - Customer Service YS
8-10, rue Gustave Eiffel
cellule n°13
92110 Clichy

with their original packaging.

In accordance with article L 221-23 of the French Consumer Code, the return costs will be charged to the Customer.

The Product(s) must be returned in new and undamaged condition, otherwise it will not be accepted for return or refund.

When the right of withdrawal is exercised in time, Yves Salomon SAS undertakes to reimburse the Customer for all sums paid, including delivery costs, at the latest within 14 days from the date on which Yves Salomon SAS was informed of the Customer's decision to withdraw.

Yves Salomon SAS is not obligated to reimburse additional costs if the Customer has chosen a more expensive delivery method than the standard delivery method offered by Yves Salomon SAS.

Yves Salomon SAS will make this refund using the same payment method as the one used by the Customer for the initial transaction unless the Customer expressly agrees to use another payment method.

The right of withdrawal is excluded in accordance with Article L221-28 of the Consumer Code for contracts for the supply of goods made to the Customer's specifications or clearly personalized or contracts for the supply of goods likely to deteriorate or expire quickly.

Article 12. Warranties

Items are guaranteed against all hidden defects, lack of conformity and critical flaws according to the terms foreseen in Articles 1641 to 1648 of the Civil Code and L 217-3 and onwards of the Consumer Code, to the exclusion of all other guarantees:

Legal guarantee of conformity:

Yves Salomon SAS shall deliver a Product in conformity with the order and free of defectsof conformity existing at the time of the delivery, i.e. the Product shall be fit for the purpose sought by the consumer and the Product corresponds to the description, type,quantity and quality, in particular as regards functionality, compatibility, interoperability, or any other characteristic provided for in the contract.

Yves Salomon SAS shall also be liable for any lack of conformity resulting from the packaging, the assembly instructions or the installation when the latter was made his responsibility by the contract or was carried out under his responsibility, or when the incorrect installation, carried out by the consumer as provided for in the contract, is due to shortcomings or errors in the installation instructions provided by Yves Salomon SAS.

This guarantee of conformity will only come into play if the Customer requests it within a period of two years from the delivery of the Product(s). Defects of conformity that appear within twenty-four (24) months of delivery are presumed to have existed at the time of delivery unless proven otherwise.

The Customer shall have the choice between repair and replacement of the non-conforming Product(s) unless one of these choices is impossible or entails a manifestly disproportionate cost for Yves Salomon SAS, in which case Yves Salomon SAS may choose the other solution.

In addition, in the event of a serious lack of conformity, the Customer may obtain a total refund of the price paid and return the Product(s) or keep the Product(s) and obtain a partial refund of the price.
The repair, replacement or reimbursement of the Article(s) will be free of charge for the Customer and does not prevent the possible allocation of damages, if any.

Legal guarantee of hidden defects (articles 1641 to 1648 of the Civil Code)

Yves Salomon SAS shall deliver a Product(s) free of latent defects which render it unfit for the purpose, or which so impair that use that the Customer would not have purchased it, or at a lower price, if the defect were known.

This guarantee shall only apply if the Customer requests it within two (2) years of the discovery of the defect and in any case within five (5) years of the date of purchase.

In the event of latent defects, the Customer has the option of returning the Product(s) and having a total refund, or keeping the Product(s) and having a partial refund.

The legal warranty of conformity applies independently of any commercial guarantee.

Guarantee of authenticity

YSS guarantees the authenticity of all Items purchased on its Site.

Article 13. Liability

YSS reserves the right to modify any information contained on the Site at any time and without warning.

YSS commits to describing Items for sale on the Site as accurately as possible and to ensuring that information available on the site is updated as effectively as possible.

The Customer recognises and accepts that the price of Items is likely to vary between the Site and in-store, and that in no case shall this difference in price be grounds for a total or partial refund of Items purchased either on the Site or in-store.

Under no circumstances can YSS be held liable in cases where failure to execute its obligations is due either to the unforeseen or unavoidable actions of a third party to the contact, or to a case of force majeure as defined by French law, or to the actions of the consumer (Article L. 121-20-3 of the Consumer Code).

Furthermore, YSS cannot be held liable for damages caused by a specific network during an online purchase, such as loss of personal data, breaches, viruses, service interruption or other accidental issues.

YSS is only liable for any direct and foreseeable damage at the time of use of the Site or upon conclusion of the sales contract with the Customer, with the exclusion of any indirect damages.

Article 14. Force majeure

The applicability of these T&Cs shall be suspended for the duration of any case of Force majeure and processing and delivery times will be duly extended. YSS shall wherever possible endeavour to put a stop to the case of Force Majeure or to find a solution which allows it to honour its contractual obligations in spite of the case of Force Majeure, without any liability on its part in this respect.

If the case of Force Majeure continues for a duration of over 30 days, YSS may cancel the order without paying damages and interests or any kind of compensation.

Article 15. Intellectual property

YSS is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights:

      • for Items available on the Site,
      • for the brands and names associated with those Items,
      • for the Site itself, and any other Site component,
      • for databases, their structure and content, composed and handled by YSS for the purposes of editing the Site,
      • for all Site design elements, be they graphical or technical,
      • for names, acronyms, logos, colours, artworks or other symbols which may be used, composed or implemented by YSS,
      • and in general terms, for all written elements and photographs included on the Site

The use of any trademarks, images, designs and models or any other element for which YSS holds the intellectual property rights is prohibited.

Intellectual property rights on documents contained on the Site and for each of the elements created for the Site are the exclusive property of YSS, who issues no licence or right other than that to consult the Site. The reproduction of any page or content of the Site is subject to prior agreement in writing by YSS.

The Customer shall not copy, modify, create a derivative work of, decompile or reverse engineer or attempt to obtain the source code in any other way (except in cases foreseen under law), sell, attribute, subcontract or transfer in any way any right attached to the software.

Furthermore, modification of the software or use of modified versions of software and especially (but not limited to) with a view to obtaining unauthorised access to the service and to accessing the site by another means other than via the interface provided by YSS for this purpose, is prohibited.

Any Customer with a personal website who wishes, for personal use, to place a link on their site which redirects to the YSS site must ask for prior authorisation in writing from YSS.

Under all circumstances, any unauthorised link must be removed upon request by YSS.

Article 16. Special offers and Newsletters

YSS will send its Customers special offers by post, email, text message, phone and via all web spaces overseen by YSS or any of its subsidiaries on social media, subject to prior acceptance.

The Customer can at any time opt out of these marketing messages by clicking on the link “unsubscribe” which appears in all emails.

Article 17. Cookies

YSS reserves the right to collect data on the Customer, specifically through the use of cookies.

Cookies do not allow for the identification of the Customer.

They are files which track the Customer’s activity on the website.

Generally-speaking, they record information relating to computer browsing on the YSS site (pages visited, date and time of visit, etc.), information which can be read during your subsequent visits (YSS’s Customer recognition system on the Site) and transmit data to YSS. This information is stored on the Customer’s computer for up to one week.

It is recalled that the Customer may refuse to accept the use of “cookies” by configuring their browser as follows:

Any configuration carried out by the Customer may modify Internet browsing, and the access conditions to certain Site services require the use of Cookies.

The Site uses IT applications from third parties, which allow the Customer to share Site content with other individuals or to share their opinion with others about Site content. (Social networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.).

When a Customer views a Site page containing a “Share” or “Like” button, their browser establishes a direct connection with servers on the relevant social network.

If they are connected to the social network during browsing, the application buttons allow them to link the pages viewed to their account.

If they are using plug-ins, for example by clicking on the “Like” button or by leaving a comment, the corresponding information will be sent to the relevant social network and published on their account.

If the Customer does not want social networks to link information collected through the Site with their account, they should log out of the social network in question before visiting the Site.

YSS is in no case responsible in any way for the content or running of any social network, including content which may be linked to the Site.

Article 18. Personal data protection

YSS will take every possible step to protect the confidentiality and security of personal data shared on its Site. To this end, the website uses a SSL type (Secure Socket Layer) secure payment method.

YSS collects personal information from its customers in line with the provisions of law n°78-17 of the 6th of January 1978 entitled « Informatique et liberté́ » (“Data protection and liberties”).

Personal data processing collects information on Customers when they register on the Site or create an customer account online or in-store.

This data collection is subject to a declaration to the Commission National de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL - National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties).

The Personal Data Charter applied by YSS is available on the Site.

Article 19. Residence

The parties residences are taken to be the address which appears on the order form for the Customer and the address on the Site for YSS.

Article 20. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Only French law applies to dealings between YSS and the Customer.

In case of dispute between the company Yves Salomon SAS and a customer-consumer on the occasion of the execution or interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions, the customer has the option, before any legal action to seek an amicable solution and to have recourse a mediaton center :


39 Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, 75008 Paris

Email :

The request can only be examined by the mediator if the Customer has first attempted to resolve the dispute with the customer service of the company Yves Salomon SAS whose contact details are available on the company's website.

The request for mediation shall contain the name and surname of the Customer, his e-mail address, his telephone number, the contact details of Yves Salomon SAS, a brief statement of the facts and proof of prior contact with Yves Salomon SAS.

The European Commission also provides consumers with a platform for online dispute resolution in the context of a contract between a consumer and a professional in the European Union. The platform is accessible at the following address:

Recourse to mediation is not a prerequisite for legal action. The Customer is therefore free to accept or refuse the recourse to mediation as well as to accept or refuse the agreement proposed by the mediator.
In case of failure of the mediation procedure, any dispute, relating to the execution or interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions of sale will be brought before the court legally competent under the rules of French procedure.

Article 21. Nullity

If any of the provisions of this contract prove null and void as regards a legal rule in force or a legal decision which has become final and enforceable, it shall therefore be deemed unwritten, without however voiding these T&Cs or altering the validity of the other provisions.

Article 22. Non-waiver

The fact that either party has chosen not to invoke one or several of the clauses contained in these T&Cs, either temporarily or permanently, shall not remove their right to invoke any of the remaining T&Cs.